Programs in U.S.A

In light of the December 2014 conflict in South Sudan, the Dut Jok Youth Foundation has expanded its programming to the United States because the youth in the US have the greatest potential to leading a prosperous South Sudan for decades to come. We sponsored a South Sudanese Youth Summit in the summer of 2014 that consisted of workshops, a basketball clinic and gala. The foundation will continue to fund programs that empower South Sudanese youth in the United States to achieve academically, professionally and socially. It is of unparalleled importance that we intentionally inspire, engage and empower the youth to take proactive actions in improving their circumstances. To achieve this, the Dut Jok Youth Foundation is the proud sponsor of the South Sudanese Youth Congress, an organization in the United States for South Sudanese youth, by South Sudanese youth, serving South Sudanese. The Congress works to achieve the aforementioned goals.

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