Sports Academies

The foundation intents to create fully functioning sports complexes in every state of South Sudan by 2025. Our goal is to work with the locals to acquire land and build a sports complex every year.  Each sports complex will have soccer, volleyball, cross country, and basketball academies. The foundation will run the sports complexes which will offer lessons for the respective sports by volunteers and hired coaches. Our goal is to elevate the level of sports in South Sudan. The Dut Jok Youth Foundation will provide adequate equipment and uniforms for each academy. Please consider donating to our Sports Academies.


The foundation plans to carry out multiple large sports development camps in South Sudan and in the United States each year. The camps will  utilize sports to engage and inspire the youth to pursue their dreams and prioritize education. The focus of these development camps shall be empowerment.

We are the Future

We are the Future is the foundation’s after school program consisting of athletics, performing arts and leadership development. The foundation will partner with primary schools in Lakes State region and else where in South Sudan, supply the necessary equipment, curriculum and train mentors to lead the program. The goal of the program is to use sports to lure youth in in order to discuss various topics pertinent to their future including education, leadership, HIV/Aids, drugs and alcohol, and hygiene.

Building a School

The Dut Jok Youth Foundation’s ultimate goal is the building of one of a kind Academy in the next decade. Our academy will be innovative in its curriculum and approach. We will offer after school educational opportunities for adults, vocational training, performing arts, and sports in addition to an intensive educational curricula. We will build a clinic, library, and community center as part of the academy. Please, let us know if you would like to donate towards the academy.

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