Santino Mayek Deng

Santino Deng is an educator and community organizer, activist and leader in the Sudanese community. He currently works for the Austin Public School District in Austin, Minnesota. Santino has served the Sudanese community for much of his life in Cairo, Egypt and in the United States. He worked for UNHR as the Deputy Chairperson for Sudanese Displaced Committee and Sudanese Coordinator in Cairo Egypt. Santino is the co-founder of the SPLM chapter in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the founder and chairperson of Sudanese Community in Sioux Falls, and served as an Executive member of the SPLM-USA secretariat. He is also a board member of Hope in Sudan International and Sudanese Community Development Organization in Austin. The foundation is lucky to be led by a man who has dedicated his life to the improvement of the Sudanese community.

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