Grants and Awards


Dau Jok was a Kathryn Davis 100 Projects for Peace 2011 award winner. The initiative sponsors students attending Davis United World College Scholars Program partner schools to design their own grassroots projects, which promote peace and address the root causes of conflict among parties.  Funded projects focus on conflict resolution, reconciliation, building understanding, and breaking down barriers which cause conflict.  The competition spans across 90 campuses and awards $10,000 to grant recipients.




Dau Speaks on Transformation through Education

May 21, 2011
"There are seasons of following and seasons of leading." MORE INFO

Dau Speaks at Penn's Fall Scholarship Celebration

May 21, 2011
"I'm not supposed to be here." Dau speaks about his journey of education at Penn's Scholarship Do

Letter from Dharjang Monywiir

May 21, 2011
Letter from Dharjang Monywiir, a young man the Dut Jok Youth Foundation is sponsoring to attend Lodw

Wharton Students Consult for foundation!

Six of the seniors
May 21, 2011
The Dut Jok Youth Foundation has moved forward in bringing its mission to fruition through its conti