Letter from Dharjang Monywiir


Letter from Dharjang Monywiir, a young man the Dut Jok Youth Foundation is sponsoring to attend Lodwar High School in Kenya.

I am Dharjang Monywiir and Mrs. Arek Magai. Since war was the order of the day in our home area in Sudan (now South Sudan), our family being as poor as church mice, migrated to Kakuma refugee camp as refugees. The UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) has been supporting not only the war and hungry stricken but also the poor from all corners of the globe.

It was 2007 when I came and started to learn in standard one (first grade), even though I had been to ECD school; my brilliance in school let me to standard two at the end of the same year. I spent two terms (3 terms in a year) in standard three before moving on to standard four the same year. It was determination and hungry for education that let me to pass through quickly.

I was the runner-up in standard four testings. In standard five, I toil and moil and at the end of the first term, I was in standard six in term two and three. In standard seven and eight, I strained every nerve in order to get decent marks that surely I got at the end of last year.

I want to be a lawyer when I will get through my secondary education. I want to take up this career because I want the citizens of my new born country (South Sudan) to be law-abiding and want justice to prevail in their eery day lives.

I grateful for the sponsorship that you (Dut Jok Youth Foundation) have given me since I was just only but a helpless guy, not knowing where the school fees will come from, although I had hoped in God that everything will be as good as gold. For my fellow patriotic citizens who fought tooth and nail with vicious and heartless beings the Arabs who subjected us to inhumanity, I will make sure that justice will always be their shelter and depender for betterment of their future.

I will make sure we take dry grasses and burn all form of corruption in the country. As I will also tell them to put their efforts together since unity is strength for our country to grow economically, as well.

There are many like me but have no means pay school fees. Please help our young so we can prosper and make our country the best it can be.

Thank you!


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