2011 November


Quaker Takeover

On November 12th, the Dut Jok Youth Foundation hosted Quaker Takeover in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania, with sponsorship from EA Sports. The event consisted of a day of sports-related activities ranging from a school-wide FIFA tournament, 3×3 basketball tournament, rock climbing, and more. Hundreds of students came out to Pottruckl Gymnasium to show their support and took home great prizes, including new bike, Xbox 360, iPods, video game bundles and more! The tournament kicked off DJYF’s fundraising efforts with a bang, and the success of the event has given grounds to continue a productive relationship with the University to implement events of similar nature in the near future.


26.2, in support of the the youth

This coming Sunday, UPenn student Sherry Yang will be running the Philadelphia Marathon to benefit the Dut Jok Youth Foundation, which aims to fight violence and poverty in post-conflict South Sudan.

We are honored to have Sherry’s support and are committed to helping raise donations for her effort. Sherry will be up before the crack of dawn on Sunday, November 20th to brave the daunting 26.2-mile course through historic Philadelphia. Her support is rooted in a shared conviction in the power of sports and education to inspire positive character development in youth, and faith in DJYF’s ability to carry out this goal. The Foundation aims to challenge the generational disenfranchisement of the South Sudanese youth that has pervaded the post-conflict social paradigm. Through sports and academics, the Foundation looks to instill the most fundamental instruments of success, break gender barriers in a male-dominated society, discourage gangs and crime, and provide a refuge for youth to discover their true progressive potential through our ultimate goal of constructing a secondary school.

Support from individuals like Sherry is an affirmation of the strength of the Foundation’s vision, and our gratitude is ineffable. Sherry is seeking donations of any amount, and we hope that you will join us in our aim to empower in South Sudan.

For more information on Sherry’s run and ways you can provide support, please visit www.crowdrise.com/SherryYang


South Sudan to teach in English

CAIRO: The South Sudan government announced that it will use English as the language of instruction in its schools in an effort to improve its students ability to compete globally.

According to Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin, in a recent press conference, Arabic will be supplanted by English across all schools in the infant nation.

“We will soon be teaching English for subjects like Mathematics and Science and Arabic and the same goes for all other subjects. Arabic will be taught only as a language subject,” said Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin.

The move comes only months after the newest country officially broke away from its now northern neighbor Sudan, and passed the Higher and General Education Bill, which states English as the language to be taught in beginning from primary schooling.

“That’s how it used to be, until it was changed in 1989 when they declared syariah (Islamic) law in the whole country before the separation,” he said of the former British colony.

With over 60 different languages in the country, English could be the great unifier. Also, other East African countries similarly use English for instruction and the move could enable students to travel for university and increase the flow of intellectual capital.

“This will also make it easy for the syllabuses within South Sudan to fall within the context of East African syllabuses and universities,” Benjamin said.

[By Desmond Shephard — driginal: http://bikyamasr.com/47604/south-sudan-to-instruct-in-english/]

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